Unpaid Volunteer Program – Mycology

Actively Looking for Volunteer in the 2019/20 Academic year

The individuals must have the ability to assist  my project at the University especially in conducting a research project of Mycology and the field trips.


  • Are between the ages of 24-60.
  • Are unemployed/ semi-employed/ retired academic staff/ students (Internship).
  • At least Undergraduate degree/ Master holder.
  • Good communication skills in English language.
  • Have been resident in the UK/ EU/ Australia/ NZ/ USA/ Canada/ Japan/ South Korea/Taiwan/ Malaysia/ Thailand/ Singapore/ Hong Kong/ S. Africa/ Argentina/ Chile/ Brazil.

For more information, please contact me : and register here (Temporary Form)

Current/ next volunteer(s):

  1. Open to apply.

Past volunteer(s):

  1. Jan – May 2015: Marnie S. (Toronto, Canada)
  2. Mid-Nov 2013 – mid-Jan 2014: Chloé Pagés, (France)
  3. Mid-July – mid-Sept 2013: William Smedley ,  (Pennsylvania, USA)
  4. Feb – May 2013: Amanda Tas, M.Sc Environmental Science (Sweden)
  5. April 2012: Raffael (Germany), Ramona (Germany), Mehs (Russia) and Makcum (Russia)