Final Year Project Titles (FYP) 2020/21

For students who want to consider doing a final year project under my supervision, the first step is to discuss the student’s own interests or my own interests topic, and the potential for doing a research project.

Once the student has decided on a topic, s/he will need to ensure that a  supervisor (myself) has agreed. The student should discuss a proposal preparation and how to design the experiment.

The decision to choose the project topic/ title should be made as soon as possible and no later than May 16, 2013 of the student’s third year of study. Please fill-in the registration below.

What is a Final Year Project?

All Final Year Projects (FYP) will test your ability to:

Carry out an experimental/ field trips task of your own choosing; work independently, and to prioritise different components of your project, as well as prioritising the project as a whole against other work; take decisions, and to justify them convincingly.

How to decide your FYP title?

If you are interested, please make an appointment to discuss about your interest title.