The Fungal Mini Project

Students will prepare a written report on this fungal mini project, which will include (a) a profile on the biology of the species, and (b) a focus on a specific aspects of the fungus that you find of interest.


1. Amazing fungi (microfungi or macrofungi)
2. Fungi diversity (microfungi or macrofungi)
3. Extreme environments of fungi
4. Potential use of fungi
5. Aquatic fungi
6. Effects of forest management to fungi


To provide essential knowledge relevant to research in the area of Mycology

Group Committee:

1. Group leader/ collector (1 P)
2. Photographers (2 P)
3. Illustration artist (1 P)
4. Writers/ Editors (3 P)
5. Researchers (4 P)
6. Designer (1/2 P)
7. Presenters (2 P)

Instructions for Mini Project:
1. A written report – softcopy (in Microsoft Word format only) should be sent to my email: on or before the 24/10/2013
2. Make sure your report include the page numbers, the margin: top, bottom, left and right : 1”, the cover page and the group committee separately from cover page (including full name of the members, matric number and IC number),
3. All Figures (JPEG), Tables, Diagrams, Graphs etc. should be sent separately to my email.
4. Each group has to present their work in the class.
5. Final due date: Evaluation of the work on the mini project will be by a written report. This is due by manual submission to my office by 4pm on 24 October 2013.
6. Late penalties: The policy of the department is that no late submissions are allowed.
7. The report should be around 6-12 pages in length of single spaced text.
8. The following headings are likely to be useful.

• Abstract
• Acknowledgement
• Overview of the task/ Introduction (literature review)
• Sub-topics that you discussed
• Learning methods used
• Results, evaluation, discussion
• Conclusions
• Reference